Cost of Living
Aberdeen's mild climate, along with competitive utility and insurance rates, helps maintain a low cost of living.

UTILITIES: Inside the Aberdeen city limits, contact Aberdeen Public Utilities at (662) 369-4731 for information about water, trash and electical service.

Water: Based on usage of 3000 gallons, water will be about $8 monthly. Sewer rates are 60% of water usage.

Trash: Pickup is $15.00 monthly for service four times per week - twice for garbage, twice for trash and yard debris.

Electric: The residential cost for 1000 kilowatt hours (KWH) is approximately $65.00.

Natural Gas: The cost for natural gas, based on average use for heating, cooking and water heating, is about $60 per month, or $720 annually. Contact Atmos Energy at (800)863-7749 or at

Telephone: You can choose from serveral local and long distance telephone service providers.
PROPERTY TAXES: Within Aberdeen city limits, property tax rates are as follows:

Age 65 & over: Taxes on a $100,000 home would be around $452.50. (The first $75,000 of the true value would be exempt from tax.) Ten percent (10%) of the remaining $25,000 would then be taxed at the millage rate of $181 per thousand, or $452.50.

Under 65: Taxes on a $100,000 home would be around $1510. (10% of the true value, in this case, $10,000, would be taxed at $181 per thousand, less a $300 homestead exemption for a total of $1510.)

AUTOMOBILE LICENSE AND TAX:  Taxes are based on the year and make of the automobile. This amount must be figured by the tax collector and is available by calling (662) 369-6484.

STATE INCOME AND SALES TAX: Qualified retirement income is exempt from state income tax. Taxable income, after deductions, is taxed at 3% for the first $5000, 4% for the next $5000, and 5% for any amount over $10,000.

Sales Tax: The sales tax rate for the state is 7%. Some cities and counties have an additional tax on lodging and restaurants.